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DNA Gifts

Unique DNA Gifts

DNA Identity Profile
DNA Image
DNA is the blueprint for life. Like the PC you are using to view our web site requires Windows as a basic program to give your PC the ability to perform basic tasks and communicate with the hardware. DNA is our unique program or blue print to what we are. 99% of you DNA or genetic code is the same as everyones, this is our shape or form ( 2 arms, 2 legs, 5 fingers and 5 toes) The other 1% of our of our genetic code is unique to each of us and contains the colour of our eyes, the shape of our face, skin pigments and everything that makes you one of a kind.
DNA= Deoxyribonucleic Acid
Your DNA is contained in every living cell in your body. As your cells reproduce so does your DNA this is called DNA replication. Every living thing and even some viruses contain DNA.
Your DNA is the most unique part of you
A DNA gift gives you the customer a chance to own your genetic code, to wear or view yours or your loved ones unique genetic profile or code. Below is the range of gifts that virusafe offer to enable you to own the most unique part of you, YOUR DNA.


Taking a sample of DNA from yourself, loved one or child is easier than brushing your teeth. A DNA extraction kit will be sent to you within 24hrs of placing your order. Once the kit arrives the DNA is extracted using a simple cotton bud inside the mouth. Then simply place the cotton bud into the collection tube, fill in the order form and return it in the pre paid envelope to our professional certified DNA laboratory. Once the gift has been produced it is sent direct to you. All postage is paid on purchase of gift.

 Unique DNA Pendant 


For hundreds of years men and women have carried locks of hair contained in a locket to keep a special part of them with them at all times.

The DNA pendant is the 21st century equivalent and contains your loved ones unique genetic code. Every thing that determines who and what they are in a stunning silver and glass pendant. Buy dna pendants

The DNA pendant contains the real DNA of your loved one to keep and hold forever.



From left to right; Citrine, Jade, Pearl, Ruby, Turquoise, Antique Gold, Fuchsia, Amethyst and Rose.
It is a sad fact that we all have to die and the ashes of our loved ones bind us to them. Now in the the 21st century and even after death has taken place your loved ones DNA can be easily extracted and used to produce a truly one-of-a-kind keepsake of your lost loved ones, to remember them by and keep them with you forever.
Virusafe work closely with undertakers and funeral directors to ensure that the DNA is collected and returned with out the need for any distress to you. Your DNA pendant and a certificate will be sent direct to you. Available in 9 stunning colours to reflect the personality of your loved one. Click here for more details





For thousands of years mankind has always wanted to know; who are we? Where do we come from? And what makes us all so different to each other? Now thanks to advances in DNA and genetic science we can start to answer some of these questions. Click here for more details




DNA K9 Ancestry Report
We are proud to introduce the Doggie DNA Print Test. This is a DNA-based test that looks at the 204 unique canine Ancestry Informative Markers (CanAIMs) on the dog genome.

Doggie DNA Print is a Dog DNA test for the assessment of dog ancestry and breed makeup.
 ViRUSafe Shadowfax

With this test you will recive:

• Your dog's makeup of four ancestral breeds including the following ancestors: Wolf-Like / Hunters / Herders / Mastiff

• Your dog's DNA Code at 204 unique genetic locations

• A Reference Database comparison to the ancestral breed

• Your Dogs makeup of all 209 recognised breeds


Find out your Dogs ancestry and similarity to over 200 dog breeds and the percentage makeup by entering your Doggie DNA Print results into our database.

Once you have your results you can search the ever expanding database of pure dog breeds and known breed mixes for the best match to your dog. By ordering now, you get the product at deep discount  with full functionality available at no extra cost.

  Pet DNA pendant



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