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Infection Control Cleaning Services
Outbreak Planning
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Infection control for schools & Nurseries

Schools & Nursery Information
Child care and schools offer a real challenge in controlling infections.
All areas of child care and education pose a risk of cross infection from communicable diseases such as flu viruses to the more serious Norovirus. Both staff and children can be affected by infections causing staff to require time off, which costs your business financially and the legal implications of not having enough staff to supervise the children in your care.
ViRUSafe offer solutions to the risk of infections to both staff and children through audits, policies & procedures, training, cleaning practices, body spillage management, spill kits, safe chemical biocides and equipment.
Young children have still to learn the basics of personal and environmental hygiene. Touching surfaces and objects, then putting their hands into their mouths is part of growing up. It is also a key factor in the transmission of infections. Through Micro-bacterial cleaning methods, technological advances in biocidal effectiveness and training, these  risks can be reduced to safe levels on a daily basis.   Contact us
 ViRUSafe for child care settings
What can be move important than the health of our children? Our children spend 6 ½ hours a day, 195 days a year for 12 years at schools, that's over 15,000 hours not including, any extra curricular activities or further education. A school is the place a child spends most of their time outside of the family home.
An average primary school has over 250 pupils with the average secondary school having over 850 pupils, from the very nature of the numbers of people in such a small area sharing all the facilities such as tables, chairs, dining and lavatory facilities. Schools have now become the most likely place a child will contract an illness, aside from the influenza virus the family of Infections Intestinal Diseases (IID), Norovirus being the most common of which is now the most likely virus a child will contract. Norovirus is a surface bound SRSV (Small Round Structured Virus) this makes the virus itself very hardy and gives it the ability to survive for prolonged periods without incubation. This means if one person has the virus it can be passed to many others by contact with direct or indirect touch e.g. playing sports (direct touch), sitting at the same desk hours or days later (indirect touch). These viruses are very disruptive causing fever, nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea and the viruses effects last upto 72 hours. As you are no doubt aware, there have been record numbers of outbreaks in schools in 2006/2007 often closing 10-12 schools in just one community.
ViRUSafe offers schools the most effective methods of controlling infections to protect both staff and children. These include body spillage management, the safest and most effective chemical biocides, polices and procedures. ViRUSafe also offer domestic and teaching staff training to make them aware of the modes of transmission of viruses and bacterial infections (the chain of infection), outbreak recognition, and the risks and safe clean up of body spillages.
Children’s nurseries and day care facilities are the first major decision a parent makes for their child’s future. Parents rigorously research statistics on many nurseries within their area and are often prepared to go on a waiting list to ensure their child gets the best possible start in life.
Have you ever noticed that your staff appear to constantly have colds and chest infections or time off for gastro illnesses? This is because your environment is ideal for the growth and communication of viruses such as Norovirus. A child often finds it hard to communicate he or she is feeling unwell until they have visible symptoms, so that child comes into your care with a virus. A virus is spread either through aerosol (droplet dispersal by exhalation) i.e. sneezing or touch. Touch can be either direct or indirect, for example children holding hands is a direct method of passing viruses, and playing with the same toy hours or days later is an indirect method or passing viruses. You will no doubt have noticed that doctor’s surgeries were instructed to remove children’s toys from waiting rooms to avoid these problems.

The results of your nursery suffering from a more serious outbreak such as Norovirus would be catastrophic. There would be huge financial losses through having to close your doors for upto 5 days. Having to deep clean using traditional methods will take days and be very costly, not to mention the effect it will likely have on your reputation.

ViRUSafe offer nurseries and child day care business a unique selling point by showing parents that you are pro-actively controlling the risk of infections which their child may exposed to through polices, procedures, training and the most effective chemical biocides and equipment available. You will excel your duty of care and be  able to offer  basic infection control education to the children who's parents place their trust in you. 
Free & Confidential Infection Control Advice For All Business
body fluid spill kit for schools and child care    
Body Spillage Management
ViRUSafe offer a range of body fluid spill kits, absorbent granules, training and written procedures for the safe management of body fluids, as required under the statuary duty of care and COSHH regulations 2002.
From standard body fluid spillage kits and school travel sickness bucket kits to bespoke 50 application body fluid spill kits. ViRUSafe can cater for all your requirements large and small.
Body Fluid Spillage Training
Biohazard Spillage Training - More Information 
Infefction Controlled Cleaning
 Only one disinfectant stops infection in its tracks 
(And its NOT the one your using)
Medical grade disinfectant safe to use on all surfaces within child care settings.
In use cost just 30p per litre after dilution.
Cleaner, Disinfectant, & Sanitiser All In 1
A Highly Proven Medical Solution To Control All Infections Within Schools & Nurseries
"Why Settle For Second Best Any Longer?"
Biocidal Cleaner & Disinfectant
 Sporicidal, Bactericidal, Virucidal, Fungicidal
MRSA, C.diff (including C.diff spores) Norovirus, TB, Polio, and all flu viruses including H5N1 bird flu. But safe enough to use on all surfaces.
Tested and passed in accordance with BS6471, BS7424, BS6905, EN1275, EN1276, EN1650, EN13697, EN13727, EN14347, EN14348 and EN14476. VIRUSOLVE+ is CE marked as a medical device (CE O120) and manufactured to quality standards ISO 9001:2000, and ISO 13485:2003. DEFRA approved and recognised by the UK Health Protection Agency.
disinfectant wipes for c.diff spore clean upNOW AVAILABLE IN READY TO USE HIGH QUALITY DISINFECTANT WIPES
 Three examples to show just how effective VIRUSOLVE+ is:
Example.1. Virusolve+ 5% bactericidal, kill MRSA bacteria (EN1276) started with 3,240,000,000 MRSA bacteria and were reduced in one minute contact time to less than 10 MRSA bacteria in clean and dirty conditions.
Example.2. Virusolve+ 5% sporicidal, kill Clostridium difficile (C.diff) spores (EN 1276 & EN 14347), started with 15,300,000 c.diff spores and were reduced in one minute contact time to less than 10 C.diff spores in both clean & dirty conditions.
Example.3. Virusolve+ 5% Virucidal, kill HCV (hepatitis C virus) After one minute contact time HCV RNA was not detectable in the serum samples. 
The biggest step forward in infection control since penicillin.
The biggest step forward your business can make to protect children and staff from infections.
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